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Jason A. Kidd

Workers' Compensation
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Meet Jason

Jason is a commanding legal defender specializing in Iowa and Nebraska workers' compensation law. Known for his focused and deliberate strategies, he provides clear guidance in navigating claims. Jason's talent for problem-solving renders him an invaluable ally. His strategic and disciplined management of both people and situations ensures consistent results. Connect with Jason for dependable leadership and reliable outcomes.

Jason is the managing partner of Kidd Kilburg Laflin Johnson. He regularly represents employers and insurance companies in workers' compensation claims in Nebraska and Iowa, which has led to extensive trial and appellate advocacy experience. He also regularly provides training, seminars, and case law updates to employers and insurance companies in Nebraska and Iowa. His practice specializes exclusively in all aspects of workers' compensation law in both Nebraska and Iowa.

With an unwavering focus on defending employers and insurance carriers, Jason has carved a reputation as a formidable force in the field of insurance defense law.

Jason's approach to defending workers' compensation claims is nothing short of focused and deliberate. He brings a commanding presence to the legal arena, attacking claims with precision and strategic acumen. His ability to dissect cases with a keen eye for detail allows him to identify deficiencies and craft effective defense strategies, setting the stage for favorable outcomes.

One of Jason's standout qualities is his knack for guiding others. Clients and colleagues alike benefit from his clear advice and insightful suggestions. Whether navigating the complexities of a legal dispute or providing strategic counsel, Jason's ability to communicate effectively and lead with authority makes him a trusted ally in the defense arena.

Jason's problem-solving skills are a cornerstone of his practice. His disciplined approach to identifying and addressing challenges ensures that his clients are well-prepared for any legal hurdles. As a valuable ally, Jason is known for his strategic thinking and his commitment to delivering consistent outcomes that can be relied upon.

In the management of people and situations, Jason is both strategic and disciplined. His leadership style is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a focus on producing results. Clients can trust Jason to not only defend their interests in workers' compensation cases but also to do so with a level of reliability that sets him apart in the legal landscape.

Connect with Jason to experience the difference that a focused, deliberate, and disciplined approach can make. Your defense, your strategist – Jason is ready to lead the way.

Creighton University School of Law, JD
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, BA