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Recognizing a growing need in our industry for regional insurance defense services that start with local connections and transcends the one-size-fits-all approach adopted by many of our regional counterparts, we started a firm.

In their years of practicing insurance defense throughout the Midwest and Great Plains region, Jason Kidd, Tyler Laflin, Caitlin Kilburg, and Kathryn Johnson have learned that clients expect results – and when results matter, connections count.

When you need to know how to skillfully navigate state-specific legal nuances, connections count.

When you need to know the best provider to treat an injured worker in your insured’s area, connections count.

When you need an answer about the law of a particular state and don’t have time for your lawyer to look, connections count.

When you want an exposure evaluation that accounts for state-specific trends and not just what the law says your claim is worth, connections count.

When need to understand what motivates opposing counsel to quickly resolve a conflict and keep a claim from going off the rails, connections count.

When you need to know the most efficient path forward for resolution, connections count.

When you need insider knowledge of the players in the game to get things done, connections count.

When your credibility in the areas where you operate matters, connections count.

You can’t benefit from a homefield advantage, if you don’t have a team in the game where you operate. Our firm is committed to providing clients the results they seek through meaningful connections —with our team, our talent, and the enduring relationships we've developed in the legal communities where we serve. 

Embracing diversity in character, skills, and backgrounds, we take pride in our loyalty to our clients and each other, and make it our business to provide top-tier regional insurance defense services through connections.